Growing up in a theatre, I spent hours in the changing rooms, gazing at the actors swapping outfits. For me it was a magical transformation - turning into someone else, yet keeping your personality. That's how my passion for clothes, shoes and accessories was born.


Later on, working with many clients on special events I had to follow dress codes and current fashion trends to make sure I was always looking the part. Some people find it stressful, but for me it has always been pure joy!


The way you dress definitely counts when you want to make an impression. It also shows a lot about you. 


Buying new clothes for every event you are attending is often not feasible. Good news is, it's also not necessary! It's all in the art of combination. You could add suspenders to a long evening dress, instead of the original ones, a brand new tie could complement a tulle skirt and a stylish fascinator could do wonders to a tuxedo!!!

It's the Little things, that are making a Big change to your look. You can look fabulous without breaking the bank! Get advise from a professional and you will have all eyes on you with no effort at all. 

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